1:18 Volkswagen T4b 2.5 TDI Westfalia Camper - Schuco [Unboxing]

24 יול 2020
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1/18 Volkswagen T4b 2.5 TDI Westfalia Camper, red
Manufacturer: Schuco
Article ID: 450042000
- Steerable front wheels
- Openable bonnet, front doors, sliding door, rear door
- Working pop top
- Working suspension
Guest car:
- Volkswagen T4b 2.5 TDI Caravelle, silver - Schuco (450041500)
- Hummer H2 2003 from Entourage TV series - Highway61 / Greenlight (HWY-18015)
Oceans Calling - BlueTreeAudio / Soundotcom

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  • Every detail looks perfect. The most beautiful model car I have ever seen.

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  • Lol, I want this... Well few Years ago, when I was 5 or 7 I used to watch these vids! And then at age 9 or 10 I wanted to buy these and make vids, But now.. I am a Vlogger not this but I Love what I do!

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